The operator of a nuclear power plant on the Sea of Japan coast is seeking advice from the International Atomic Energy Agency on its revamped anti-terror measures, Report informs via NHK.

NHK has learned that the operator, Tokyo Electric Power Company, or TEPCO, has asked the nuclear watchdog to send investigators to the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa plant in Niigata Prefecture.

Officials said the investigators will evaluate the beefed-up anti-terror measures at the plant from the viewpoint of a third party and give the utility advice.

TEPCO has been under pressure to address security flaws at the plant, which came to light in 2021 and prompted regulators to issue a de facto ban on the plant’s operation.

Although the Nuclear Regulation Authority’s measure was lifted last December, industry minister Saito Ken ordered the utility to seek advice from outside experts to restore public trust.

Officials say an on-site survey will be conducted by an international team of experts between March 25 and April 2.