Today is the birthday of the world-famous Azerbaijani mathematician, outstanding scientist, founder of the fuzzy logic theory Lotfi Zadeh, Report informs.

102 years have passed since the birth of the scientist.

Lotfi Zadeh (Lotfi Rahim oglu Alasgarzadeh) was born on February 4, 1921, in the suburb of Baku, the village of Novkhani, in the family of journalist Rahim Alasgarzadeh and doctor Fanya Korenman.

In 1944, he graduated from Tehran University with a degree in electrical engineering. From 1944 to 1959 he received his master’s and doctoral degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Columbia University. Since 1959 he became a professor at the University of Berkeley, and since 1963 he was in charge of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Lotfi Zadeh worked at this university as a lifelong professor and director of the Soft Computing Institute.

His famous theories of the phase of conditions, controllability and observability of dynamic systems form the basis of modern control science. The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) studies, designs and implements control systems based on these theories.

The largest theory of Lotfi Zadeh is the theory of fuzzy logic. This theory gave a new expression to the concept of a binary set, which is the basis of mathematics: a fuzzy set. The inclusion of fuzzy measurement in science made it possible to more adequately take into account the uncertainty of processes occurring in nature and society.

Lotfi Zadeh passed away on September 6, 2017. The body of the deceased was brought from the US to Azerbaijan and interred in the First Alley of Honor.