The contribution of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan to the development of the Middle Corridor underlines the countries’ desire to improve international logistics and economic cooperation, Secretary-General of the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route International Association Gaidar Abdikerimov said in an interview with Report.

He noted that the development of the Middle Corridor is important for the global transport network, economic growth and strengthening trade ties between Europe and Asia.

“At the moment, we are carrying out large-scale work to expand capacity. This is secured by agreements between Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Türkiye and Georgia on the synchronous expansion of capacity. Since the signing of this document, we have already put into operation three new container ships and two modern Ro-Pax ferries. In addition, measures have been taken to increase the volume of transportation through the Caspian Sea. If previously we could transport about 80,000 containers per year, now our capacity exceeds 100,000 containers,” he said.

Abdikerimov emphasized that currently Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Türkiye are actively promoting the Middle Corridor, which creates a significant impetus for its further development.

The TITR secretary-general also commented on Kazakhstan’s proposal to Vietnamese companies to use the potential of the Middle Corridor, noting that the Vietnamese side has not yet given a response. However, he expressed confidence that in the future, companies in this country will begin to use the opportunities of the corridor.

In addition, Abdikerimov noted that bilateral cooperation between Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan is now at a high level, especially in transport and logistics. “We must maintain this high level by implementing existing agreements.”

In conclusion, the secretary-general touched upon the issue of holding COP29 in Azerbaijan.