A town in Tula Region has reportedly been attacked by a drone filled with explosives, emergency services have confirmed

A drone filled with explosives has struck the town of Kireevsk in Russia’s Tula Region, local emergency services told the news agency RIA Novosti on Sunday. The resulting explosion left at least three people injured and three residential buildings damaged.

A video published by RIA Novosti shows a massive crater at an alleged explosion scene and some damaged single-floor buildings nearby. No drone wreckage can be seen on the footage, though.

Those affected by the blast were lightly injured and already received the necessary medical treatment, the Tula Region’s security committee told RBK news outlet. The scene has been cordoned off by the security forces. According to the committee, there is “no danger to the local population or infrastructure.”

Rockets shot down over Russian city – governor Rockets shot down over Russian city – governor

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Rockets shot down over Russian city – governor

The unmanned aerial aircraft (UAV) used in the attack allegedly was a Soviet-made Tu-141 Strizh (‘Swift’) reconnaissance drone. The UAV is particularly used by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The Russian regions of Belgorod, Bryansk and Kursk, which all border Ukraine, have been the targets of numerous drone and missile attacks by Kiev’s forces since the start of the Russian military operation last February.

In early March, the governor of the Tula Region located further away to the northeast from Russia’s border with Ukraine ordered increased security measures in the wake of attacks on the Russian territories.

Neither Russia nor Ukraine have so far officially commented on who might be behind the Sunday attack so far. (RT)