By 2026, it is planned to build three cities, five towns and 24 villages in Zangilan, Jabrayil and Gubadli, the Special Representative of the President in Jabrayil, Gubadli and Zangilan regions Vahid Hajiyev said at a panel discussion on the topic “Sustainable Development in Karabakh” within the framework of the international conference taking place in Lachin with the participation of experts from 30 countries.

“These initiatives are based on modern urban planning principles, which of course prioritize sustainability, inclusion and safety. But we must also mention that, in line with the COP29 targets, we are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2050 and creating a net zero emission zone in the liberated territories. We are developing clean energy sources using water energy resources in Zangilan,” he said.

Hajiyev noted that Zangilan already has four hydroelectric power stations with a total capacity of about 42 megawatts and they have already been built and are being operated.