Construction workers bit off more than they could chew Tuesday when they discovered teeth buried in a building wall. Report informs citing the RIA Novosti.

Workers were readying commercial space at the T.B. Converse Building, located on North Patterson Street in Downtown Valdosta, when they found an estimated 1,000 teeth buried in a second floor wall.

The Valdosta Daily Times reported that the first tenant of the building, in 1900, was a dentist named Dr. Clarence Whittington, who is speculated to be linked to the find. Another dentist, Lester G. Youmans, came to Valdosta in 1911 and remained a tenant in the building until at least 1930, according to researcher Harry Evans.

The discovery is not the first of its kind. The building is the third in Georgia found to have teeth hidden in its structure.

Similar discoveries have previously been made in buildings in the cities of Greensboro and Carrolton.

Both buildings were also dental offices in the early 20th century.