A heated confrontation unfolded during a session of the Armenian Parliament, as Speaker Alen Simonyan and members of the Hayastan faction engaged in a fiery exchange. The catalyst for the conflict was a claim by MPs Seyran Ohanyan and Gegham Nazaryan that they were not let into the building through the entrance on Demirchyan Street.

Nazaryan stood up and shouted, alleging that he was barred from entering the parliament, unlike members of the Civil Contract party. This accusation ignited a heated verbal sparring match.

Speaker Simonyan demanded that Nazaryan either leave the session or take his seat. Nazaryan retorted, “I’m leaving, but don’t lie,” as he walked out. Simonyan fired back, accusing Nazaryan of “telling tales here himself.”

The tension escalated further when Seyran Ohanyan approached the speaker’s chair, asserting that Simonyan was being untruthful and that he, too, had been denied access through the same entrance.