Commenting on the prospect of Iran and Azerbaijan cooperation in the post-Karabakh War, the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan said to MNA that we can create a lot of business and transportation opportunities.

On February 26, in his press conference with foreign media in Baku, Ilham Aliyev President of the Republic of Azerbaijan answered questions of journalists from different countries on various issues.

Answering a question on the prospect of Tehran-Baku ties and Iran’s participation in the reconstruction of Karabakh and the significance of the two countries’ cooperation in stabilizing the region and prosperity of the people of the region, Azerbaijanii President said that Baku has close and clear cooperation with Iran.

He noted that he knows that Iranian companies are ready to take part in the restoration of the war-torn areas, adding that recently a high-ranking Azerbaijani delegation has visited Iran to discuss the issue of cooperation between Iran and Azerbaijan including the Khodaafarin project in the border area of the two countries.

He further stressed that Azerbaijan is ready to cooperate with Iran and has allocated the required budget for the projects.

Referring to his visit to border areas between Iran and his country, the Azerbaijani President said that he himself has visited the area and believes that Tehran and Baku can create a lot of business and transportation opportunities.

He also referred to Zangezur Corridor and said that the corridor can also be useful for Iran and the Iranian side can use it.

After her explanation, the Azerbaijani President thanked her for clarification.


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