A senior public official has said that Iran is moving towards solving its inoculation problems as it looks to mass-produce its first vaccine after very early trial data suggest the jab is effective against Covid-19.

Speaking on Wednesday, Mohammad Mokhber, Chairman of the Headquarters for Executing Imam Khomeini’s Order (HEIKO), said the country would start upscaling manufacturing capacity for indigenous Covid-19 vaccines immediately, following positive interim data from human trials.

“Work is going well in the field of production of the Iranian Covid vaccine and, according to forecasts, we will reach production of 1.5 to 3 million doses per month within the next 15 days,” Mokhber said.

“We will reach the production of 12 to 14 million doses of Covid vaccine in May and June next year [the Iranian year ends on March 20] as planned and solve the problem of producing this vaccine,” he added.

Mokhber said the first phase of human trials would finish in three weeks and the second phase would begin in March. The interim data, which is based on only 21 people receiving the jab, will be published in the spring. (RT)