The discriminatory policy in choosing countries for the “Summit for Democracy” is a serious mistake of the current US presidential administration, American political scientist and expert in international relations Peter Tase told Report.

According to him, no previous US administration adhered to such a biased practice of inviting countries to the summit: “Armenia is invited to this event, which will be held on March 30, whose state institutions are far from democracy and lack transparency, but at the same time shamelessly ignored by the governments of Türkiye and Azerbaijan, two sovereign states that have sufficiently strengthened their democratic institutions.”

Tase stressed that the White House, in this opportunity to “build bridges, ” is taking “a very undiplomatic path,” which was shaped by the administration of US President Barack Obama.

“The current administration adheres to the same tradition, inviting to the summit such a warmonger as the Armenian leader Pashinyan, who is supported by Iranian ayatollahs and who is doing everything possible to cause full-scale armed clashes with Azerbaijan,” the American political scientist noted.