The Taj Mahal in Agra reopened on Monday for tourists after over six months amid strict guidelines to check the coronavirus’s spread, Report says, citing TASS. The Agra Fort also reponed for visitors.

Vasant Kumar Swarnkar, the superintending archaeologist of the Archaeological Survey of India, Agra circle, has said that the Centre’s safety guidelines on the pandemic include maintaining physical distancing sanitizing hands, need to be followed while visiting the fort or the mausoleum.

About 5,000 visitors will be allowed at the world heritage site, Swarnkar said in a statement, adding that the visiting hours have been divided into two slots. In the first half till 2 pm, 2,500 visitors will be allowed, and the rest after that.”
“Masks are mandatory to enter the monuments, and all tickets must be purchased online,” he said. “Ticket counters will not be open.”