The captain and crew member of a fishing trawler were indicted on June 20 in Taiwan as suspects in the smuggling of ketamine with an estimated street value of $46.34 million, Report informs referring to TaiwanNews.

A Coast Guard patrol discovered 946.67 kilograms of the class-three drug on the Te Chin Yuan No. 1 near Penghu in February. Wrapping up its investigation Thursday, the Penghu District Prosecutors Office decided to charge the ship’s captain, surnamed Chen, and a crew member surnamed Wu, with breaking the Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act.

The case started with the Coast Guard Administration (CGA) receiving a tipoff at the start of the year that smugglers were planning to move drugs near Penghu County. A taskforce suspected the Te Chin Yuan No. 1, a small fishing trawler, was involved.