The EU has been recognized as the most reliable international organization in Azerbaijan (35 percent) with reference to a survey by the EU in Azerbaijan on July 12.

The EU is followed by the UN (25 percent), the Eurasian Economic Union (25 percent) and NATO (20 percent).

It is reported that 46 percent of the Azerbaijani population have a positive opinion about the EU, 31 percent of those participating in the survey are neutral to the EU, 8 percent have a negative opinion and 15 percent have never heard of the EU.

According to the survey, 78 percent of respondents believe that the greatest value associated with the EU is economic well-being, 78 percent – the rule of law and 77 percent – human rights.

In addition, 74 percent believe that the relations between the EU and Azerbaijan are good, 14 percent say they are poor, while 12 percent believe that these relations are neutral.

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