As the House of Commons prepares to break for the summer, a majority of Canadians say Justin Trudeau should no longer be prime minister when MPs return in the fall, a new poll suggests, Report informs referring to Global News.

Ipsos polling done exclusively for Global News shows 68 percent of Canadians want Trudeau to step down. The desire for him to call it quits is highest in Alberta (79 percent) and Atlantic Canada (76 percent.)

“This is as bad as we’ve seen it for Trudeau. It’s close to rock bottom,” said Ipsos CEO Darrell Bricker.

Ipsos surveyed 1,001 Canadians between June 12 and 14 and found that if an election were held tomorrow, the Conservatives would enjoy a “comfortable victory” with 42 percent of the decided vote.

The Liberals would receive 24 percent, with the NDP at 18 percent.

According to the polling, after eight years in power Trudeau may be “dragging the success of his party down with him.”

The reverse appears to be true for Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre, who “has grown his lead even ahead of his own party,” says Ipsos.

Nearly half of Canadians (44 percent) say he would make the best prime minister.

The poll also shows 75 percent of Canadians want another party to take over, while just 25 percent think the Liberals “deserve reelection.”