The past five years have become the hottest in the history of the study, leading to massive fires around the world.

Report informs that 2019 was an outstanding year in terms of a series of temperature records in a number of countries.

So, July 2019 was the hottest in the entire 140-year history of meteorological observations.The temperature was almost a degree above average for the 20th century – 16.7 ° C. Experts say that the volume of Antarctic and Arctic ice has declined to historically low levels.

In a number of European countries – Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland – national temperature records were observed. In the Asian region, the highest temperatures were recorded in Vietnam and Hong Kong.

In Russia, severe forest fires broke out in the areas of the Krasnodar Territory, Irkutsk Region, Transbaikalia and Yakutia in July.By the end of the month, total area was 1.13 million hectares in Yakutia and 1.56 million hectares in other regions. According to the statement of the Greenpeace organization, since the beginning of the year, 14.9 million hectares of forest lands have been burned in Siberia, 225 million tons of carbon dioxide have been released into the atmosphere.

In Brazil, the Amazonian forests have been burning for the 16th day. It is noted that the area of forest fires in the region this year is already 84% more than the area that burned down last year. Bolivia where Amazonian forests are also located, has banned flights over the fire zone, which has already destroyed 744 hectares of forests and farmland in the country.

Fires were also recorded in Armenia. So, for the fourth day the area around Mount Arailer has been burning, the fire area is 1.8 thousand hectares. The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Armenia warned the population about the high risk of new fires.

It should also be noted that in western Turkey, in the tourist areas of Izmir and Bodrum, forest fires have been burning for the sixth day. A fire spread over 500 ha in Izmir. Along with this, a strong fire arose on the island of Marmara, as a result of which about 250 hectares of forests were burned. 500 firefighters and 15 helicopters worked in area.