On April 19, 2024, the final stage of the XIII Republic competition “Sabahın Alimləri” (Tomorrow’s Scientists) was held.

“Sabahın Alimləri” competition is a national selection round for the ISEF – International Science and Engineering Exhibition held annually in the United States. IX-XI grade students of schools operating in all regions of the country can participate in the competition.

In this competition, students can compete in 8 categories:
– Mathematics;
– Physics and Astronomy;
– Chemistry;
– Biology;
– Medicine and Health;
– Ecology and Environmental management;
– Engineering;
– Computer Science.

Traditionally the students of DUNYA IB School participated in the competition this year and won first place in three and second place in one of the available 8 categories.

1. Ali Musayev. Elchin Hasanov.Physics-Astronomy. I place. Gold medal
2. Said Aslanov. Ibrahim Allahverdiyev. Biology. I place. Gold medal.
3. Nijat Taghizadeh. Computer science. I place. Gold medal
4. Ali Abdullayev. Engineering. II place. Silver medal.