The State Tourism Agency (DTA) has launched a project,, to improve the quality of catering facilities in the regions, along with the organization of restaurants, to ensure the proper organization of customer service and to provide catering facilities with menus meeting standards, Report informs, citing the Agency.

The online platform provides detailed information on catering facilities and services provided by them, as well as accurate information to tourists and improves the service quality of restaurants and other catering facilities.

The main directions of the project are to adapt the menus presented in the catering facilities operating in the regions to several standards and include them in the QR technology to make them more accessible, organize training on menu design and services in public catering establishments.

At the initial stage, the project is planned to be implemented on the northern, northwestern, southern, and western routes.

The project will provide information on catering facilities in the capital, as well as in the regions, through an online platform, reduce the incidence of dual menus and develop menus in different languages to facilitate the travel of foreign tourists to the regions.

The owners or managers of each catering facility (restaurants, coffee shops, and tea houses, bars, and pubs, entertainment centers and clubs, baths, spas, sports and entertainment centers, etc.) wishing to participate in the project, can register on the platform, create a personal account, publish detailed information about their catering facilities, easily prepare menus with the help of ready-made templates for free and create a QR code.