Spain is coordinating a European apparatus against arms, drug trafficking and the smuggling of migrants and people during November, the Ministry of Internal Affairs announced, Report informs referring to SocialBites.

As many as 566 people were arrested and it was also helpful to open 163 new investigations.

As announced by Internal Affairs, the operational part of the police action took place November 13-18. More than 22,000 agencies from 26 countries, among them are those from outside the European Union, such as Albania, Moldova, Serbia or Ukraine. The operation also received the support of Europol.

Operational action ended 215,000 people were inspected, 2,200 people were found to have entered illegally 310 firearms were seized and approximately one ton of drugs, including 626 kilograms of cocaine, were seized.

Of the 566 people arrested, 218 were for immigrant smuggling, 186 for drug smuggling, 69 for firearms smuggling and 89 for other crimes.

The operation also collaborated with European and international organizations such as Eurojust, Frontex and Interpol. European Multidisciplinary Platform Against Criminal Threats (EMPACT) promotes coordinated action by EU countries to combat the most serious international criminal threats.