For $40 million — a rounding error for one of the wealthiest men in history — George Soros helped remake the US legal system, Report informs via the New York Post.

Supporting prosecutors who vowed not to prosecute, Soros and related entities pushed district attorneys who aimed to reshape law and order into anarchy and disorder.

It worked. At his peak influence, 75 Soros-backed prosecutors held office. As a result, one in five Americans, and half of those living in the nation’s most populous cities, were living in an area run by a Soros DA, or one who shared his ideology.

The damage they have done has been immeasurable. Shoplifting and drug use was decriminalized, repeat offenders were set free with no bail, and murders, robbery and rape increased in Baltimore, Chicago, San Francisco, New York and more.

But the worm has started to turn. Through a combination of corruption and voter backlash, a significant number of these district attorneys have been ousted.