“It has been a great opportunity to come to Aghdam, because this is a historic moment indicating a shift from a sad history to a new history, to a new start. I congratulate the government of Azerbaijan on liberation of the territories that were under occupation for a long time,” Somalia’s newly-appointed ambassador in Azerbaijan Jama Abdullahi Mohamed told Report.

He said his impressions in Aghdam are mixed: “From one side it is a destroyed city and its population was forced to flee. So, one of my impressions is that it has a sad history. But the other impression is that its people are coming back here and they are rebuilding their city.”

The ambassador also said he is happy that the people who had to flee Aghdam and other cities in Karabakh are returning back.

“We congratulate the people and government of Azerbaijan as the people are returning and will rebuild their homes,” the diplomat added.