A solidarity rally was held in front of the Turkish embassy in the United States against the lies of the April 24 “so-called genocide” of Armenians, the US Bureau of Report informs.

The action held under the slogan ‘Stop Armenian lies’ was organized by the Turkish-American National Steering Committee (TASC).

TASC official Mahammad Sami Gorgulu told Report that the purpose of the action is to expose the lies of the Armenian lobby: “Some countries trying to secure their political and economic interests by recognizing the claims of the Armenian ‘genocide’ are using it as a means of pressure against Türkiye. The international community should know that the claims of “genocide” are false.”

Activists of the Turkish and Azerbaijani communities living in Washington took part in the action. Activists chanted slogans, exposing Armenian lies.

Photos of dozens of Turkish diplomats murdered by the ASALA terrorist organization in the 1970s were also displayed here. The action, which lasted for about two hours, ended without incident.