Prices for Super gasoline (RON-98) rose in Azerbaijan by 5 kopecks (2.9 cents) up to 1.6 manat (94 cents) from August 1, Spokesperson for SOCAR Petroleum Uzeyir Habibbayli told reporters.

Habibbayli says, Azerbaijan imports RON-98 gasoline primarily from Romania.

“Prices for this gasoline increased due to growth in its import price,” he said.

Besides, according to the spokesperson, it’s already 20 days that RON-98 gasoline hasn’t been sold in Azerbaijan.

Due to the gasoline’s transportation problems, Azerbaijan has already ordered its imports from Georgia.

“Hopefully, this gasoline will be available from August 4-5. Moreover, we plan to increase the number of reservoirs to prevent such cases in the future,” added Habibbayli.

As earlier reported, from July 31, 08:00 (GTM+4) prices for Premium gasoline (RON-95) rose in Azerbaijan from 1.4 manat (82 cents) to 1.45 manat (85 cents).