Azerbaijani Ambassador to Georgia Faig Guliyev has met with Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to the country Matus Busovsky.

During the meeting, the sides highlighted Azerbaijan’s growing prestige, both regionally and globally, its strengthened position, as well as large-scale projects implemented with the initiative and participation of Azerbaijan.

Ambassador Faig Guliyev provided detailed information about the growing economic cooperation between Azerbaijan and Georgia, as well as the completed and promising projects. He underscored that the strategic partnership between Azerbaijan and Georgia serves the interests of both peoples and the progress of the South Caucasus region as a whole.

Faig Guliyev highlighted the history and consequences of the past conflict, the historical significance of the Victory achieved in 2020, and the local anti-terrorist measures conducted in 2023. He also highlighted Armenia’s contradicting behavior and recent provocations against Azerbaijan, as well as the facts of mining of Azerbaijani territories and incidents committed by Armenia along the conventional border.

Ambassador Matus Busovsky hailed Azerbaijan’s growing influence, emphasizing that the country had successfully conducted the recent snap presidential election. He expressed confidence that Azerbaijan would continue to play an active role in the regional cooperation.

The Slovak ambassador expressed his country’s keenness to develop cooperation with Azerbaijan.

The parties also exchanged views on the developments taking place in the context of new realities in the region and other related issues.