The Shusha Declaration on Allied Relations will undoubtedly go down in the history of the Azerbaijan-Turkey relations, said President of the Russian Middle East Association Murad Sadygzade.

“This agreement covers the entire spectrum of bilateral relations in the fields of politics, economics, trade, culture, energy, defense, and other spheres,” the president of the Russian Middle East Association added.

“It is important because the intraregional relations are being strengthened, namely, this is the strengthening of an open and equal political dialogue, as well as intensive and extensive growth of trade and economic relations among the countries of the South Caucasus and regional actors such as Russia, Turkey, and Iran,” Sadygzade said.

“A positive trend in relations between the regional countries can be ensured through mutually beneficial economic relations,” the president of the Russian Middle East Association said. “These are the realities of modern international relations.”

“The Shusha Declaration will further strengthen the defense and security of Azerbaijan,” Sadygzade added. “There will be economic benefits as Ankara and Turkish business are ready to invest not only in the restoration of the liberated territories but also in other projects beneficial to all parties.”