“The opening of the Zangazur corridor will boost the intensity of the traffic flow. It is also beneficial for Russia. Because of its opening, Turkiye and Russia will connect through Azerbaijan – the Zangazur corridor,” Russian political scientist, director of the Center for Political Studies Sergey Markov said, the Russian bureau of Report informs.

The Russian political scientist also talked about how the situation in the region will change after establishing international transport corridors in the region: “The development of “North-South” and “West-East” transport corridors will significantly improve the relations of the global economy with the Caspian region. At the same time, this will allow Azerbaijan to make a lot of profit as a transit country.”

He also said it would boost Azerbaijan’s status as a leading country in the implementation of such large projects on a global scale.

According to Markov, cooperation in the Caspian region is an example for other states: “All these countries show that they respect each other’s national sovereignty. Moreover, they support close cooperation with each other.”