Getting drones from Iran will not save Armenia, and Pashinyan understands this very well, Russian political scientist Sergei Markov told while commenting on Iran’s possible delivery of its drones to Armenia.

“Needless to say that Armenia would benefit from the supply of Iranian drones. After all, Yerevan remembers the significant role of Turkish drones in the defeat of the Armenian army in the second Karabakh War. However, they should understand that the Azerbaijani army is stronger than the Armenian army, not only because of Turkish drones but also in many other ways; therefore, Yerevan does not plan to fight with Baku”, Sergei Markov stated.

“At the moment, we observe that all the efforts of the Armenian leadership are aimed at ensuring some other army fights for Armenian interests in the Caucasus against Azerbaijan. They had high hopes for the Russian army in reaching their goal, but Russia refused to send its army to fight for the interests of Armenia and now they have hope for the French army or the American army, or some other armies”, Markov noted.

Markov also highlighted that today Armenia has high hopes for the United States and France and not for Iranian drones: “Since the United States is in a severe conflict with Iran, receiving Iranian drones could frustrate the plans of the Armenian leadership in terms of using the United States against Azerbaijan in the conflict over Karabakh and in the South Caucasus”.

He also added that it is unlikely that Armenia will make a major bet on the purchase of Iranian drones, perhaps buying a few pieces to show that Iran is on the side of Armenia: “Armenia will not be able to defeat Azerbaijan with Iranian drones, on the contrary, it will rely on drawing the Americans and the French into the conflict with Azerbaijan”.


Murad Najafov