The G20 is responsible for close to 80% of global emissions and over 70% of fossil fuel production, UN Special Adviser to the Secretary-General on Climate Action and Just Transition Selwin Hart told Report during the high-level roundtable “Beyond COP28: Time to Unite, Act, and Deliver on the UAE Consensus.”

“It is imperative that the G20 and IEA members lead the global energy transition, a transition away from fossil fuels to achieve net zero by 2050. Our net zero pathway provided us with a very clear roadmap. No new coal mines, oil wells, or gas fields. And it means cutting both fossil fuel production and its usage,” he noted.

“So, I now urge you, those with the greatest capability and capacity, to lead by example during this critical decade and clearly reflect in your indices how you intend to transition away from fossil fuels in keeping with the science on 1.5C.