British officials are struggling to stay on message after the publication of a leaked report warning of food and fuel shortages in the event of a hard Brexit, contradicting one another in their attempts at damage control.

The Sunday Times revealed that a report prepared by the British government predicts serious supply problems with food, medicine and fuel if the UK leaves the European Union without securing an exit deal with Brussels.

Codenamed ‘Operation Yellowhammer,’ the UK’s plan for a hard Brexit could result in a transportation standstill sparking mayhem, according to the leaked report.

British government officials were quick to dismiss the report’s sobering prophesies – but apparently didn’t think it worthwhile to compare notes before issuing their rebuttals.

Also on Hard Brexit will hit UK with food, fuel & medicine shortages, leaked govt doc warns

Britain’s Energy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng dismissed the grim predictions as anti-Brexit “scaremongering,” insisting that the UK would be “fully prepared” to leave the European Union, with or without a deal, at the end of October.

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Gibraltar, deemed by the report to be completely unprepared for a hard Brexit, rejected the terrifying predictions as wrong and based on out-of-date information. (RT)