The regular 5th meeting of the Coordination Headquarters established by the Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated November 24, 2020, for the centralized settlement of issues in the liberated territories took place in video format.

Opening the meeting, the head of the Presidential Administration and Staff Samir Nuriyev noted that the restoration and construction work in the liberated territories is always in the focus of the President’s attention, and important areas for action have been identified.

Samir Nuriyev said that, as noted by President Ilham Aliyev, our cities and villages in our liberated lands were ruined by occupant Armenians, our historical and religious monuments were destroyed, which indicates the need for large-scale planning and restoration work.

Reports were heard, and respective instructions were given on the demining of the occupied territories, the preparation of the State Program “Restoration and sustainable development of the liberated territories of the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2021-2025”, the return of former IDPs to their ancestral lands, energy supply in the affected areas, in particular, “Green Energy,” construction of urban planning and transport infrastructure, the works held and the results of the survey as part of ADA University’s research on the topic of “Preparation of proposals for forecasting and effective organization of repatriation to post-conflict areas of Azerbaijan.”

The importance of carrying out work according to the instructions of the President, taking into account the combination of speed and quality, was stressed at the meeting.