With international travel currently off the cards, Russia’s array of influencers are looking local for their photos. In the Urals, a toxic lake near the site of a famed nuclear disaster has become a very popular spot for snaps.

Nicknamed ‘Bali of the Urals’, the Kaolin Quarry is in Kyshtym near the city of Chelyabinsk, 1500km (932 miles) east of Moscow. However, while it looks good in photos, taking a dip there would be ill-advised. The azure color of the water comes from dangerous chemicals, the result of a reaction between the kaolin mineral, used for ceramics, and H2O.

The danger doesn’t seem to bother the locals, however, with regional website 74.ru putting the location at the top of its list for places to visit in May.

Although it only recently gained national fame, the beautifully colored lake has been well-known in the area for some time, with reviews dubbing it a ‘must see’ since 2015. (RT)