Representatives of Türkiye, Ukraine, as well as the UN, didn’t object to the prolongation of the grain deal for 60 days instead of 120, Report informs referring to the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Further extension of the agreement depends on the fulfillment of a number of conditions by the parties.

The Foreign Ministry said that the decision to reduce the period of the next prolongation of the deal to 60 days (that is, until May 18) was made due to “the lack of progress in the implementation of the Russia-UN memorandum on the normalization of domestic agricultural exports.”

“A further decision to extend the initiative will depend on progress in the implementation of the following conditions in the context of the implementation of the Russia-UN memorandum: reconnection of Russian Agricultural Bank to SWIFT; resumption of supplies of agricultural machinery, spare parts and services; lifting of restrictions on insurance and reinsurance, plus lifting of the ban on access to ports; restoration of operation of the Tolyatti-Odessa ammonia pipeline; unblocking of foreign assets and accounts of Russian companies associated with the production and transportation of food and fertilizers,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said.