“Today, we are commemorating the victims of the tragedy in Khojaly. It was a cruel act against humanity. We hope that such tragedies will never happen again in Azerbaijan or somewhere else,” Russian public figure, political scientist, director of the Institute for Political Studies Sergey Markov said during an event dedicated to the Khojaly genocide.

According to him, it is characteristic that the commemoration night is taking place at the Jewish Museum of Tolerance

“We all remember perfectly well the colossal and vicious tragedy that befell the Jewish people in the 20th century,” the political scientist shared.

Markov called what happened in Nagorno-Karabakh “an act of genocide”: “What happened in Khojaly is pure genocide, that is, the deliberately organized killing of civilians on the national ground. In their numerous interviews, the organizers of this massacre revealed their insidious political plan, for which this crime against humanity was committed. The plan was to intimidate civilians who, seized by the horror, would flee from the occupied territories, making the ethnic purge real. There had been no fear before because everyone lived in a single country, enjoyed a very welcoming and friendly environment, attended the same events, studied, and worked together. That very monstrous act was to become the watershed that would divide the old and the new life.”

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The political scientist emphasized that justice would once prevail, and the Azerbaijani people will return to their ancestral lands.

“We hope that justice will be restored in Khojaly. It will mean that the descendants of those who lost their lives in the Khojaly tragedy will be able to return to their homes.”

“The people of Azerbaijan and Russia are fraternal nations. You can be sure about it. We are with you on these tragic days,” concluded Sergey Markov.

It should be noted that the Jewish Museum and the Center for Tolerance in Moscow hosted an event dedicated to the anniversary of the tragic events that took place in Khojaly, on the night of February 25, 1992.