Europe will get as much gas from Russia as it needs to curb energy shortages, while gas prices will inevitably stabilize, the country’s National Energy Committee head Aleksey Gospodarev told RT at the Russian Energy Week forum.

“There will be as much gas as needed. As [Russian President Vladimir Putin] stressed once again, we have never denied gas to anyone,” Gospodarev said, noting the paradox that many fear Russia may use gas as leverage against its opponents although “it has never happened in history.”

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“As the president guaranteed, nobody will freeze. As much gas will be supplied as needed,” the official added.

Gospodarev predicts gas prices will stabilize, noting that all experts think likewise. However, according to him, the stability lies in long-term contracts, while market trading in the energy sphere is highly volatile.

“Europe deliberately moved towards market pricing in the gas sphere, toward the so-called spot market. Here is the result, since there are a lot of unknowns in the formation of this pricing… a combination of factors that are difficult to predict led to this jump,” he said, referring to the recent surge in gas prices in Europe.