It’s the West that’s putting it up this time, the foreign ministers of Russia and Belarus agreed Russian FM Sergey Lavrov and Belarus FM Vladimir Makei in Minsk, June 30, 2022 © Belta/RIA Novosti

A new “Iron Curtain” is going up across Europe, this time put up by Western powers seeking to cut off Russia and Belarus over the conflict in Ukraine. Practically overnight, the EU destroyed all of the relations with Moscow it had been building for decades, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Thursday in Minsk.

“The Iron Curtain is now being erected by Westerners themselves,” said Vladimir Makei, the foreign minister of Belarus. He clarified he was referring not just to the severance of political and economic contact, but to the physical barrier that just went up along the Poland-Belarus border.

Makei said the isolationism was one-sided, as Belarus continues to advocate for dialogue with the West and finding diplomatic solutions to problems.

“It is practically already up,” Lavrov agreed, adding that Western countries “are only doing it carefully, so as not to pinch anything off, but the process is underway.” (RT)