Ukraine’s ideology is incompatible with the bloc’s values, Moscow claims A Ukrainian flag reading “Ukraine tomorrow in Europe/EU and in the Euro” is pictured on a big Euro sign in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. © AFP / Yann Schreiber

A decision by Brussels to initiate the procedure of Ukraine’s accession to EU membership would signify the end of the 27-member bloc, Russia’s deputy foreign minister Alexander Glushko has warned.

Modern Ukraine is a “state where Nazi groups rule the show and Nazi ideology reigns, which is incompatible with European values,” Glushko told journalists on Friday.

If Brussels welcomes such a country “this would mean the end of the EU and would show that the EU isn’t guided by the values on which it stands and was created, but purely by geopolitics,” he explained.

The EU has accelerated moves aimed at making Kiev a member of the bloc after the launch of the Russian military operation in Ukraine in late February. (RT)