Moscow fired back after the US and its allies brought up the Ukraine conflict at the G20 health meeting © Getty Images / RunPhoto

Russia has asked other members of the G20 to keep politics out of a global meeting on health issues, after envoys from the US and several of its allies brought up the conflict in Ukraine at the session in Indonesia on Monday.

American, British, Australian and Canadian officials had used the meeting of G20 health ministries in Yogyakarta to accuse Russia of bombing hospitals in Ukraine.

“Far from promoting global health, Russia has disrupted health services, destroyed health facilities, and continues to strike buildings where innocent civilians including children are sheltering,” claimed Andrea Palm, US deputy secretary of Health and Human Services, accusing Moscow of being “directly at odds with the goals of G20 healthcare and our goal of promoting global health.”

“We are asking our colleagues not to politicize [the] G20 health platform and stay within our mandate and discuss healthcare,” Russian health ministry representative Oleg Salagay responded. (RT)