Russian law enforcement agencies are conducting an in-depth and comprehensive investigation into the smuggling of cigarettes from Armenia.

If the facts of smuggling remained behind the scenes, they tried to cover them up as soon as possible as in Armenia, the same is difficult to say in the case of Russia where the plane (from Armenia) loaded with smuggled cigarettes was detained, Irates daily of Armenia reported.

Reliable sources of the RF (Russian Federation) Security Service provide interesting information in this regard.

According to the source, in addition to Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, 17 others are involved in this case.

To the question, if they are investigating and are aware of the details, why aren’t they voicing it, the source responded that everything has its time, and a child is not born before nine months. “For the RF, Armenia is not Nikol Pashinyan, but a partner state, also a CSTO member country. If Pashinyan did not realize what step he was taking towards the CSTO Secretary-General and putting the RF in what position with that, that’s his problem,” they said.

Being asked whether it is true that a person from Armenia was sent on an errand to the RF to cover up the cigarette case, the source confirmed the information, adding that he had left, but could not do anything.