UAVs have reportedly been intercepted in several parts of the country

Ukrainian drones targeted several Russian regions overnight, officials have said. One attack resulted in a fire in Belgorod Region, local media have claimed.

Russian air defenses intercepted four plane-type UAVs on Tuesday morning, the Defense Ministry reported. Three were taken out over Belgorod Region, and another over Kursk Region.

An explosion in Belgorod Region caused a fire at an “infrastructure object,” Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said. The official did not directly link the incident with Ukrainian actions. Rescue services cited by Gladkov stated that a fuel tank had been affected, but that the fire had been extinguished before it could spread.

The Mash Telegram channel has released footage of what it claimed to be the aftermath of a Ukrainian drone strike at an oil facility. The aircraft allegedly came from Ukraine’s Sumi Region, the outlet said.

Aleksandr Gusev, the governor of Voronezh Region, warned residents of an imminent air threat posed by drones. Air defenses were prepared to repel it, he said on social media. He withdrew the alert some 90 minutes later.

Ukrainian forces regularly launch kamikaze drones into Russia, with the regions closest to Kiev-controlled territories taking the heaviest toll. The Russian military describes the operations as attempted terrorist attacks.

A drone raid involving dozens of UAVs reportedly targeted Crimea at the weekend. The Russian military said Kiev had launched 38 robotic aircraft for the attack, which was ultimately thwarted, according to a statement. (RT)