The alarming decrease in water levels of the Caspian Sea has been a cause for serious concern in recent years, and the upcoming COP29 climate conference is expected to draw much-needed attention to this pressing issue, former Romanian Prime Minister Petre Roman said at the high-level meeting “Pathway to COP29: Sustainable and Resilient Future” in Baku, according to Report.

“The shrinking of the Caspian Sea in recent years is a matter of grave concern,” Roman stated. “Various opinions have been expressed, but I believe it is crucial to find a solution to this problem and devise ways to regulate the situation.”

Roman highlighted that the water level in the Caspian Sea has currently dropped by approximately two meters.

“Water bodies worldwide are drying up, and the Caspian Sea is no exception,” he explained. “There are several reasons for this, including the reduced inflow from rivers feeding into the Caspian and the consequences of global warming. In closed basins, fluctuations in water levels are always noticeable.”

The former prime minister pointed out that there are lakes around the world facing even more dire situations.

“It is the Volga River that prevents a drastic decrease in the Caspian’s water level,” he noted. “However, in recent years, the water level in the Volga has also been falling.”