Soaring fuel prices at home are driving some Europeans to neighboring countries to fill up their cars this autumn. Despite the cost of the trip, an increasing number of Germans are crossing the border in pursuit of cheaper gas.

The price of gasoline in Germany has hit nearly €2 ($2.30) per liter, meaning filling up currently costs around €20 ($23.20) more than in neighboring Poland, Austria, or the Czech Republic.

“Driving across the border just to refuel is particularly worthwhile if the price differences are high and the distances are very short,” Jürgen Albrecht, fuel expert at the General German Automobile Club said.

However, as price sensitivity increases and the forecast continues to look bleak, more and more Germans are prepared to make longer journeys too.

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“Everyone is worried about prices. I’ve heard they could triple next year,” a driver told RT.

“Prices are going up everywhere. I’m worried that filling up the tank will become too expensive, as I depend on my car. If you live far from public transport, what are you supposed to do?” another car owner said.