Report Media School has launched a new, 17th educational program.

The 11 students who joined the training program will prepare news, interviews, reports, research at the agency, and study the secrets of the journalistic profession. During the training period, special attention will be paid to news journalism.

At a meeting with students of the new group of the Report Media School, Director of Report News Agency Fuad Huseynaliyev said that many graduates of the Report Media School were able to build a successful career in the field of journalism.

“Currently, Report employs eight graduates of the Media School, including a graduate of the previous group. The activities of the Report Media School are a social contribution to domestic journalism. We also expect successful results from this group.”

Report Media School began its activities in June 2018. The goal is to train professional personnel in the media field in Azerbaijan, to bring modern trends in the world press to young journalists, to unlock the potential of people who are passionate about journalism and want to work in this field, to ensure increased practical knowledge and skills in the profession. Dozens of young people who work in various media structures in the country graduated from Report Media School.