US President Donald Trump has repeatedly suggested deploying warships along Venezuela’s cost to enforce a naval blockade, a report claims, citing officials. Trump earlier signaled he was eyeing the move, but was short on details.

Trump first broached the idea of cutting off the crisis-hit Latin American nation from the outside word at least a year and half ago, Axios reported, citing current and former officials, privy to the internal discussions.

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While the proposal has not reportedly won much support from the top brass, that see a prospect of stationing the US Navy along the 2,800 km (1,700 mi) long Venezuelan coastline unfeasible and too costly to give it a try, Trump has not given up on his idea, floating it again as recently as “several weeks ago,” the officials said.

He literally just said we should get the ships out there and do a naval embargo. Prevent anything going in

Senior officials in the Trump administration also reportedly voiced concerns about implications of the move in the eyes of the international law, as it appears to lack any legal justification.

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Others warned that such a mammoth project would require the amount of resources that the Navy does not yet possess and could hurt the US ability to deter China and Iran since the blockade would require diverting ships from other regions. (RT)