Vehicles belonging to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) pass freely along the Khankandi-Lachin road, Regina Kovaleva, a member of the Russian community of Azerbaijan, daughter of the martyr of the First Karabakh War, National Hero Yuri Kovalev, told Report.

She said that the atmosphere at the place of the rally is very friendly, and there is no talk of any blockade of the road.

“We have been here for several days now. Our demand is to put an end to ecoterror so that the environment of Azerbaijan is no longer damaged,” she said.

Regina Kovaleva stressed that in the future she and her sister plan to plant a tree in Karabakh in honor of her father, the national hero of Azerbaijan Yuri Kovalev: “This tree will be seen not only by our children, but also by our grandchildren. We will definitely plant greenery in our Karabakh,” Kovaleva concluded.