Participants of the 29th High-Level Meeting themed “Pathway to COP29: Sustainable and Resilient Future” had the opportunity to witness firsthand the impressive construction and restoration work underway in Zangilan, Azerbaijan, Report informs.

The delegates began their visit at the Congress Center Complex, where the remaining panel discussions of the event were held.

The guests then proceeded to the Zangilan Mosque, the foundation of which was laid by President Ilham Aliyev on April 26, 2021, shortly after the city was liberated from occupation. The mosque stands as a symbol of the region’s spiritual revival and the government’s commitment to preserving cultural heritage.

Next on the itinerary was a visit to the recently inaugurated Aghali Hotel in Zangilan’s namesake smart village. This innovative project showcases Azerbaijan’s vision for sustainable and technologically advanced post-war reconstruction.

Vahid Hajiyev, the Special Representative of the President of Azerbaijan for the Jabrayil, Gubadli, and Zangilan districts, provided a comprehensive overview of the ongoing work in Zangilan. To give the guests a better understanding of the scale and speed of the reconstruction efforts, a video presentation was shown, highlighting the remarkable progress made in a short period.