The transfer of minefield maps by Armenia to Azerbaijan could be the next step towards achieving peace between the countries, Rachel Avraham, editor of the Israeli Economic Peace Center and a political analyst told Report.

She noted that this is her fifth visit to Karabakh and seventh to Azerbaijan overall.

“When I first came to Karabakh, it was six months after the Second Karabakh War. We visited Karabakh with a delegation led by former Israeli Communications Minister Ayoub Kara. I was his assistant. We were among the few foreigners who saw Karabakh after the war… We were in an area where there were many mines, and trees were uprooted, etc.,” she said.

Avraham stressed that today one can witness wonderful examples of restoration works carried out by the government.

“Last year, ANAMA held a great conference at the Aghdam Conference Center. And then there was a culinary festival in Shusha… Now you also have an airport in Zangilan,” she added.

“Azerbaijan is making great strides. It’s just a pity that Armenia is not handing over the maps of the minefields. Imagine what Karabakh would be like if Azerbaijan received these maps. It would not be a ‘Black Garden’, but a ‘Green Garden’,” said Rachel Avraham.