Public beaches will be created in Baku on the initiative of the Vice President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, founder and head of the IDEA Public Union Leyla Aliyeva.

Report informs that considering the wishes of the capital city residents as well as numerous guests of our city and their appeals to the IDEA public union, the creation of public beaches as alternatives to resorts and paid beaches in the seaside areas has been launched on the initiative of the union founder Leyla Aliyeva.

First of all, such beaches were created at an area of 6 hectares in Sabayil region, Shikh beach, Salyan beach (opposite the Baku city head customs office). The once neglected territory was cleaned and beautified, 60 tents, 6 wearing rooms, 2 showers, 2 two-cabin water closets, 2 summer houses, football and volleyball grounds were created there, asphalt laid and car park created at an area of 3,500 square meters.

In the coming days new public beaches will be created in Pirshaghi and Buzovna.