One person was killed in the city of Sirjan in southern Iran during protests over rising gasoline prices. According to Report, ISNA Agency informs citing the local authorities.

The cause of death is still unknown – it was shooting or not. At present, Sirjan forensic medicine is studying this issue, ” a representative of the local authorities told the Agency.

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Pickets against the increase in gasoline prices were held in a number of cities in Iran, Reprot informs citing the IRNA.

Several dozen people opposed the decision of the Iranian authorities in Mashhad, however rally quickly ended, separate performances were recorded in Shiraz, Birjand, Ahvaz and several other cities in the country.

In Sirjan, protesters tried to set fire to a local oil storage facility, which was prevented by police officers.

Earlier, Iran introduced quotas on retail gasoline sales and also raised prices on it beginning November 15. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said that the measure is aimed at helping and supporting the population with low income.