Martin Schulz, the president of the European President (EP) gave a farewell speech as Parliament President at a European Council meeting. He touched on the transnational democracy in Europe: ‘Ultranationalists spread everywhere’.

Interestingly enough, Schulz is a German leftist whose Islamophobic and pro-Armenian position led to several political conflicts .

Martin Schulz was elected President of the European Parliament in 2012 and 2014 for a mandate of two and half years. Indeed, he wanted to be the president for the third time. In this manner, his compatriot, Jean-Claude Juncker , President of the European Commission, the executive branch of the European Union (EU) supported his candidacy. But, he failed.

We remember Martin Schulz for his pro-Armenian position and political conflicts during his presidency at the EP. Sometimes, those conflicts have even gained a shape of political idioitism.

The relation between Azerbaijan and the EP became extremely tense because of his position. Groundless hearings on the human rights in Azerbaijan were held in the EP in June 2015, on the eve of the 1st European Games by the initiation of Martin Schulz and Euro-Deputy Ulrike Lunacek. This made Azerbaijani Parliament send a protest statement to the EP in its extraordinary meeting.

Prior to this, Martin Schulz made a speech about ‘political prisoners’ of Azerbaijan as well as Leyla Yunus at the Sakharov award ceremony in November 2014. The fact which proves his pro-armenian position is that Schulz has highlighted on ‘the growth’ in the field of democracy and human rights in Armenia.

Although Martin Schulz condemned Karen Petrosyan’s death, captured by Azerbaijan and died from acute heart failure, he had not not said anything on the Azerbaijani hostages who are still being kept despite efforts of the international organizations. It is another sign of his attitude towards Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Generally, Martin Schulz is considered one of scandalous and unskillful heads of the EP. He was harshly criticised by the European Media for several times. His views Greek crisis, migrants and ‘Brexit’ became a target of criticism.

Armenian activities in the institution and provocations against Azerbaijan will considerably weaken after the end of Schulz’s term. Currently, the remaining pro-Armenian figure is Vice President of the EP, Ulrike Lunacek. Lunacek who openly confessed to be lesbian has been an active participant of the numerous dirty games against Azerbaijan. However, this stage has already lagged behind. Schulzs’ and Lunaceks’ terms came to an end.

New president of the EP will be elected in January 2017. Italian Antonio Tajani is one of the real candidates for presidency. The National Party of Europe supports him. Antonio Tajani was EU Transport Commissioner between 2008 and 2010 and Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship between 2010 and 2014. Currently, he is one of the EPP group deputies. Tajani is Silvio Berlusconi’s close friend who is a former Italian PM and a member of ‘Forward, Italy’ party. It can be said that the relations between Azerbaijan and the EP will get better during Tajani’s term.