Former British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson plans to hold early General elections in 2020, to fight Leader of Labor Party Jeremy Corbyn, while the opposition has difficulties in connection with Brexit, Times reports referring to Johnson’s allies.

Report informs citing the RIA Novosti that, according to the newspaper, Boris Johnson, who participates in the internal party struggle for the post of Prime Minister, wants to postpone the date of the General elections to fight with the current head of the British opposition Jeremy Corbyn.

“There’s a desire to get this done while Corbyn is still around. Labour is utterly divided — Brexit is killing them. Labour is in no fit state to fight a general election,” one senior member said.

Johnson’s team members are worried that Labor may displace its head because of disagreement in the party around the policy on Brexit and accusations of anti-Semitism, sounding against Corbyn.

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Notably, the next parliamentary elections are scheduled in the UK for 2022.