Azerbaijan wants to sign a peace treaty with Armenia, Azerbaijani Presidential Representative for Special Assignments Elchin Amirbayov said in an interview with the French Radio J, Report informs.

Amirbayov spoke about local anti-terrorism measures carried out by Azerbaijan in Karabakh. He noted that the purpose of anti-terrorist measures was to destroy legitimate military targets:

“They were directed against the formations of the Armenian armed forces located on our sovereign territory. It has been three years since Armenia took upon itself an obligation to withdraw troops from our territory, but refused to do so. Moreover, their provocations in the last two weeks have led to the death of many of our military personnel and civilians. So that was our reaction, our response. Civilians were in no way our target. I repeat that our goal was legitimate military targets.”

The Azerbaijani Presidential Representative for Special Assignments stressed that the illegal separatist structure has now surrendered. They themselves announced the dissolution of their illegal structure. “We are currently conducting a dialogue with representatives of the Armenian community. Three meetings have already been held with them. Issues of reintegration of the Armenian residents of Azerbaijan were discussed,” he added.

Recalling that a UN mission made a trip to the territories liberated from occupation, Elchin Amirbayov said that the mission also included representatives of various foreign media: